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Enjoy the meal from all over the world.

Little World Souvenirs - Museum Shop
Offering a wide variety of goods from Little World original goods to the folk arts from around the world.
Area | Main Exhibition Building 1F
Worldwide Souvenirs LITTLE WORLD BAZZAR
Offering folk crafts, sweets, and food products from Asia, Latin America, Europe, and more, with an especially good selection of alcoholic drinks, such as wines and beers.
Area | Main Exhibition Building 2F
Mensore - Tastes of Okinawa
Offering Okinawa sweets, such as chinsukou, as well as Okinawan folk crafts.
Area | Ishigakijima house in
Taiwan Shokan - Dim Sum & Ramen Restaurant
A calligrapher will write beautiful calligraphy that says whatever you want.
Give this handcraft as a souvenir or a congratulatory gift on special occasions.
Area | Farmhouse in Taiwan
Los Andes - Latin American Folk Craft Shop
Offering special goods from Peru, Bolivia, Mexico, and Guatemala.
Approximately 500 goods are available, including folk instruments and alpaca products.
Area | Landload's Residence in Peru
Bali Shop - Indonesian Goods
Offering goods, accessories, and clothing typical of the ambience of Bali.
A variety of attractive goods imported directly from Bali is available.
Area | Gentry house of Bali in Indonesia
Meister Souvenirs - Märchen Wald
Offering more than 1,000 toys from Germany, Austria, Northern Europe, and more.
A selection of foodstuffs imported directly from Germany, such as beers, sausages, chocolates, etc. is also available.
Area | Bayern village in Germany
Alsace - Wine and Cheese Shop
Offering Little World original wine and other products only available at this shop.
Don't miss the European cheeses, fancy French goods, and more.
Area | Farmhouse of Alsace,Flance
Albero Bello - Pasta and Pizza Restaurant
Offering original products and other attractive products such as Venetian accessories, sweets, and more.
Area | Alberobello House in Itary
African Plaza - Ethnic Food
Offering fancy goods with animal designs and products in African styles.
A must-visit for people who love African goods.
Area | African Regional Center
Sunderkamal - Nepalese Folk Craft Shop
This shop is packed with goods imported directly from Nepal and India.
It offers a variety of attractive regional products.
Area | Buddhist monastery in Nepal
Kerala - Indian Folk Craft Shop
The staff, dressed in Indian clothes, is waiting for you in a shop packed with lovable, funny, inexpensive, and mysterious goods.
Area | Kerala village in India
Lale - Turkish Souvenir Shop
Offering Turkish goods, sweets, accessories and fabric called "kilim."
This shop is packed with exotic and attractive goods.
Area | Istanbul Townscape in Turkey
Kankokutei - Korean Pickle and Savory Pancake Restaurant
A Korean restaurant that also offers Korean goods.
Korean instant noodles, hot pepper products and Gochujang are also available.
Area | Landload house in Korea
Gassan - Taste of Yamagata
Offering Yamagata specialties, such as ball konjac, cherry wine, cherry sweets, etc.
Area | Farmhouse In Yamagata

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