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The Little World Museum of Man is dedicated to disseminating diverse ethnic cultures as human wisdom. Humanity has been elaborating technologies, social systems, world views and cosmologies to survive under each given condition. The mission of the museum is to present each distinctive culture in its true picture. To accomplish this purpose, the museum is, through academic research and study, collecting, preserving and interpreting ethnographic objects and architecture from all over the world.
Since its opening in 1983 as a center for world cultures, Little World has been a source of information on diverse global societies, showcasing customs and lifestyles from around the world to give visitors a deeper international awareness and understanding of foreign cultures. The museum’s permanent exhibits are organized into two parts: the Main Exhibition Building and the Open-Air Exhibits. The Main Exhibition Building is organized around five themes related to human culture and lifestyles. It uses a wide variety of ethno cultural materials gathered from around the world to reveal both the diversity of human cultures as well as the commonalities that underlie all of them. The Open-Air Exhibits use reconstructed buildings from around the world to demonstrate the uniqueness of different houses and lifestyles. All the reconstructed buildings in the Open-Air Exhibits are either relocated homes that people have actually live in, or else have been reconstructed as accurately as possible using the same materials and building techniques as the actual homes. Domestic utensils appropriate to the era being recreated are also on display in homes so visitors can learn about the lifestyle knowledge and ingenuity of the people who lived there. Rather than merely looking at objects, visitors to Little World get to have actual contact with other cultures. They can enjoy circuses, concerts, and other events; try on traditional costumes at each Open-Air Exhibit; sample world cuisines; and browse at souvenir shops. Little World lets visitors experience diverse world cultures using all five senses ̶ not just seeing, but touching and tasting as well.